Is it possible to convert ANZ Rewards points to SPG points?

i have a Platinum ANZ Rewards card that currently has 280,000 points. I normally just redeem these for gift cards but in December this year our family of 2 adults and 2 kids are travelling to the states for a month. Our Qantas flights have been booked and i dont think they are upgrade-able so i thought the best option may be to transfer them to SPG points to save us some accommodation costs. Is this possible and the best option?

Also as our platinum Amex card is not effective after August i was thinking of getting an Amex Explorer or Platinum to get the signup bonus. Would the platinum card be worth the $1200 fee to give us hotel elite status considering we are booking approx 30 night accommodation? We currently have approx $4k to $5k monthly spend on our cards.

Hi Barty,

I don’t think ANZ Reward ->SPG is possible. Check out PH calculator

Here at Point Hacks, we cannot recommend on choice of credit cards, unfortunately.

Plat Charge gives you Hilton elite status and other chains like Carlson too. If the hotel selections work out for you under these chains, it may be worthwhile. However, room upgrades are generally upon availability and not guaranteed. So keep that in mind.

There are a swag of benefits too so have a look at the PHack page for the card.