Will ANZ Rewards reactivate transfer to Velocity soon?

Wondering if anyone has heard if ANZ rewards will reactivate Velocity transfers?

or if there will be a bonus 30-50% campaign similar to flybuys in the next 3 months?

You can now transfer!

I just checked the ANZ rewards website and still saying temporarily suspended?

I’ve got the same question. The ANZ website is still saying the transfer to Velocity Points is temporarily suspended. Do we have a definitive answer because there’s an offer on now with the ANZ Rewards cards?

I have called them a few days ago, apparently, for personal cards - you cannot transfer. For Business cards - you can transfer.

Please let me know if I am wrong, as I am very keen to transfer my points and cancel my card…

I have the same question for my Westpac rewards card points going into my Velocity account?? Does anyone know what is going on there?

I called ANZ rewards yesterday and there is still no update on when the transfer will be resumed. I closed my ANZ travel rewards card and my 90 day expiry was up on the 28th October so I opted for Krisflyer miles.

On another note, my wife got an email from velocity yesterday saying that something was happening possibly relating to point transfer from amex, citi, westpac, NAB but no ANZ rewards

I think it still may be a watch this space…

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I think I will do the same. In Feb I will be up for the annual fee, and I will cancel it before then.

I applied yesterday for another credit card, I was hoping to close the ANZ one so my credit limit will be lower, but I will wait till Feb.

TBH, I am pretty disappointed with ANZ, I have AMEX Explorer and it is so much better from any aspect - service, value, communication, innovation etc… The ANZ feels like banking in the early 2000s.