Which Amex credit card to use Rewardpay for ATO and Superannuation payments?

afternoon all,
happy Sunday, I have been trying to select the most suitable amex credit card to use in conjonction with reward pay to pay ATO and SuperAnnuation. I have read the pointhacks posts on that subject and they are awesome, but i do find the cc selection quite complicated.
I am trying to build up points to redeem one world RTW award flights for the 4 of us and I am currently collecting them on the Qantas ff program.
The amex business accelerator appears to be great for the first $50k spent, but it doesn’t allow transferring miles to qantas, am I correct?
So if someone has some advice on the type of amex card best suited to pay on reward pay and collect transferable points to Qantas or another one world partner i can use to redeem oneworld RTW award flights that would be awesome
thanks in advance,

Hi Olivier.

Unfortunately this website can’t give personal financial advice in regards to credit card selection.

Re: ur Q about the card 2 use w/ rewardpay for points- amex explorer earns 2ppd uncapped, and u can t/f to multiple partners “Qantas is an exception”. But 4 the RTW business class, Cathay pacific asia miles (1w partner) has got that same option w/ 190k points (compared to 280k w/ Qantas), so if u do w/ Cathay- u cn save 90x4 - 360k miles and potentially less taxes.

U can email me "hassantahir9033@hotmail.com" if u want 2 know anymore or the nitty gritty.