When will I receive the sign up bonus for ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card?

Link to promo:

Hi there,

I signed up for the ANZ Travel Adventures card after seeing this promo on your site. I have met the minimum spend requirement for the 80 000 Velocity points.
I don’t see any reference to this promo on the ANZ site. How long should it take for the points to be added to my Velocity account and whom should I contact if they are not received?

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From ANZ Terms and conditions:

“The bonus Velocity Frequent Flyer Points will be credited to your Velocity account within two months of ANZ receiving your Velocity Frequent Flyer account number and unique promotional code (supplied to the customer from ANZ once approved for the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card) and the eligible spend criteria being met within three months of approval (whichever comes later).”

You should receive your points within 3 months of your spending $1500. In my experience, ANZ are pretty quick at crediting the points.