When should I be booking Qantas OneWorld RTW flights?

Hi community,

I have mapped out all my flights for an upcoming RTW trip in about a year’s time.

Some flights - for example Qantas - are available to be booked now. Others, since they will occur in more than 353 days and/or are on partner airlines, aren’t available to be booked yet, or rewards seat aren’t available yet.

I’d love to book the ones that are available to lock these in and not miss out. But then I end up booking individual flights rather than one itinerary and will exceed the RTW points cap.

Is there a way around this or do I just have to deal with it and book when all flights are available?

The key is to book all the flights you can now under the multi-city booking all on one booking reference. Then as you add flights as they become available, you should eventually hit the cap.

DO NOT book flights individually with seperate booking references.

Thanks @djtech - so to confirm, I should be booking as many flights now that make an RTW trip and then modify the trip as the other legs become available?

Perhaps better with an example:
Say I want to go SYD > KUL > FRA > EWR >
But the FRA > EWR isn’t available yet.

Should I be booking the whole RTW trip and replace the FRA > EWR with something else (eg LHR > MIA) and then swap that leg out later?

Or can I book, in the above example, through to FRA and wait for the remaining leg to become available?

I guess at the core of the question is: starting to book an RTW when not all legs are available to make it an RTW, I worry about not being capped at the points maximum. And then getting a points refund?!

Book what ever you can on the same itinerary on website.

Then make subsequent changes to the itinerary by ringing the call centee.

Point costs should be capped at the RTW point requirements if you stay within the RTW rules.

Every change will costs 5/6k Qantas points per passenger.

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Understood, thanks for clarifying!

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