What is the best card for free lounge access?

Hi guys
I have had a Diners Club card from last century, issued as a Golden Wings member with Ansett Airlines.
One of the best features of that card was free access to airport lounges (probably the best card for access). On my last trip overseas I used 16 lounge visits with the Diners Club card.
Sadly, NAB is withdrawing the Diners Club card from 31 Jan 2024.
Would love some feedback as to some reasonably priced credit card that would grant equivalent airport lounge access. I guess Priority Pass is one option and would like some feedback as to which credit cards offer Priority Pass or other ways to get lounge access.
Thanks in advance
BTW this is my first post on this site.

I too lament the loss of the Diners Club in Australia. It really was a steal for the lounge access. There are many credit cards with lounge access benefits out there, but only a few with the sort of unlimited access that Diners provided. There are three (really, two) cards that offer unlimited Priority Pass - AMEX Platinum, Citi Prestige, BOQ Specialist (restricted to certain professions). You can also purchase a membership directly:

Buying a standalone membership with unlimited access is 469 USD and you should come out ahead if you were to visit more than 14 times a year. However, I would also check your lounge visit patterns and see if you could go for cheaper alternatives. I find that when I have lounge access, then I don’t mind going, but if it means parting with $30-40, I might consider eating at a nice place in the terminal, rather than a crowded lounge. Often the lounge selection available with such memberships are not on the same level as your Qantas Clubs or Virgin lounges.

You can consider other cards that offer 2 lounge passes a year, and using them for the times that you really want to stay for a fair while at the airport.

If you really want lounge access all the time, then consider either buying an airline lounge membership also. They are generally cheaper than the unlimited priority pass given they are more restrictive, but if you tend to fly one airline (or in the case of Qantas, it and its partners), it can give you access to better quality lounges overall. There are often discounts with various organisations/sales going on all the time.

Then, there is also the AMEX Platinum which has a really high annual fee (1.5K) but promises you the widest possible range of lounge access options including Priority Pass, Virgin Australia Lounges, Delta SkyClubs in the US. Really have to travel a lot to be worth it though!

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