Travelling from Sydney to Kiev - What are the best websites to search for flights and maximise points?

Im looking to travel from Sydney to Kiev (any airport) early next year.
I’m happy to stop over in Singapore and Dubai plus other countries f it makes the flight cheaper and increases points earnings. Just wondering if anyone has a site they recommend to use to get best deal and also maximise points. Would be looking to earn QFF or skywards but open to other programs. Has anyone travelled similar routes and could provide insight.


I use Google Flights and Skyscanner. Kayak, Expedia, etc. is worth having a quick look. Endless number of websites out there.

Google Flights win when I search for Jan 2017. $1093 round trip (2 stops) in econ. Jan 16-30. Flying with Lufthansa and Thai, which are reputable airlines.

For where to credit your revenue flights, check out

Sound like a long trip regardless, more than 24 hours incl. transit. Since you are buying revenue ticket, might be worth while having stop overs if you are not in a rush and value a less hectic schedule.