Some help with tactics for best using the American Express Platinum Edge bonus points?

Hey guys,

I’ve just signed up for the AMEX Platinum Edge card. I’ve been a Velocity member for a little while and have around 15,000 points so far. I used the Priceline application, so no annual fee for the first year (otherwise $195) and I’ll earn 10 points for every $1 spent at Priceline (works for me!)

Beyond that, I’m wondering if this is a legit approach…first I want to clarify that gift cards are covered under the 3 points per $1 spent at supermarkets - I’m pretty sure I read on here that they are. Then I figured each pay day I’ll buy pre paid Mastercards from Woolies on the AMEX and then use those for all my expenses - so that’ll be all my fortnightly disposable income (after rent and savings, of course, and leaving myself a little bit of cash).

For fuel, I thought I’d go to BP, use the pre paid cards, and also swipe the Velocity membership card. I only spend about $60 a fortnight on fuel, but it all counts!

The big points earners I guess come from new card signup bonuses, which I’ll keep looking into (I don’t meet the minimum income for some of them), but for everyday spending I thought this would be a solid approach. What do you reckon?


Welcome to the fun club of point collecting!

The AMEX Platinum Edge is an amazing card. I can confirm that gift cards are covered under the 3points per dollar spend at supermarkets, however I am not sure about the prepaid mastercards.

I am not sure about what your other expenditure is, but what about purchasing store gift cards? Woolies and Coles have plenty of gift cards for different stores.

Be careful with those prepaid cards. They have surcharges on them e.g. $100 card may cost $105 to purchase. You’ll need to work out if the extra couple of dollars is worth the points for you.

Hey guys, thanks for your replies!

adamn, thanks for letting me know about the surcharges, I’ll definitely check that out!

hayden, churning and burning isn’t my style :wink: I’m pretty careful with this sort of stuff - too scared to get into crappy situations!

Hi peaches

I am somewhat of an old hand at buying gift vouchers & the sort from Woolies etc. in an attempt to generate points.

Buying prepaid mastercards can be done via the use of a Credit Card, but in my experience you must load the card using cash or a cheque/savings account, the EFTPOS machine rejects credit cards as part of the loading process.

Having said that, normal gift cards purchased at woolies (JB Hifi, Rebel sport, EB games for example) are considered purchases and do generate QFF points, although they do not count for bonus point offers.

Hope this helps!