Qantas Amex Ultimate Card - Is the annual fee still worth it if I don't use the free flight benefit?

I have been recently approved for the Qantas Amex Ultimate Card. I just discovered that in order to get a free Qantas domestic flight, I need to make a purchase with Qantas on a QF ticket.

Is this card still worth the annual fee if I don’t use this benefit? The mIn reason I applied for this card is to continue and earn 1.5 Qantas points per dollar. I have been given 75,000 bonus points with my application and still thinking if it’s worth the $450 annual free if I don’t make a purchase with Qantas.

Thanks in advance.

really it’s your own decision how you perceive the value of the annual charge, if you don’t take the domestic flight. yes there are other cards that are cheaper but don’t earn 1.5 points per $

however, it will be soon the only card on the Australian market that earns a general 1.5 per $ for most spend.