Qantas Amex Ultimate Card Flight Credit - Do you have to use it all at one go?

Hi I have a question regarding the $450 Qantas flight credit that is replacing the free Qantas flight as of October 2017. Can the credit be used to book more than one ticket on the same flight at the same time? Or can only one ticket be booked? For example a return economy ticket BNE to SYD is most likely less than $450. So can two tickets on the same return flights for two people travelling together be booked which is likely to cost more than $450 therefore not wasting any of the credit? I would of course expect to just pay the difference between the total cost and the $450 credit. The Amex website describes the credit as being available to book a flight not flights. Thanks

I believe it will be the same conditions that apply to the travel credit awarded annually to the Explorer card. The credit simply shows when you log into your Amex account and click on to ‘Travel’. Make any flight booking for one or more people and apply the credit to that booking. The booking must be a minimum of the credit amount and you must pay the balance using Amex.

With the Explorer card you can use the credit for any booking made through Amex Travel including vehicle hire, hotel accom etc. It just showed as a credit in the top right corner of the screen.

Yes, my understanding is you have to use it all at 1 go. So, either book for more people or book for more expensive routes, or book premium seats.

Hi – I also had the same query as I think the T&Cs are a little vague on this point!

I called Amex and they advised that the key requirement with the credit is that it is used in a single transaction for the purchase of Qantas flights.

We spoke about two examples that were both ok for the travel credit:

  1. You could book the same flight for two people; or
  2. You could book two different flights for one person.

Hope that helps.