Platinum Edge no longer available as a companion card when being approved for a Amex Platinum Charge card?


After reading the info on this site i was under the impression that when signing up for the platinum charge card (100.000 + 20,000) I would also be able to get a platinum edge as a companion card (want to get the x3 points from supermarkets).

Once i was signed up and approved i asked the amex representitive if could get the platnium edge and she said that i would only be able to receive the plantium reserve as a free companion card (still good due to the free flight but not as good on the points earning), after expressing my doubts she put me on hold and checked to see if the platinum edge could be included instead but she came back with a no.

Is this a new thing? Have i somehow misinterpred the Amex info from the guide here? Was this lady bullshitting me?

Thanks for any response.

You haven’t misinterpreted the info from the guide - I have heard from several cardmembers that they have the Edge as a companion to the Reserve without issue.

She may also not be bullshitting you - maybe it’s not Amex policy and they don’t do this for new cardholders, for example. But I had assumed (maybe wrongly) that it was a continued benefit given how many people have told me they have done this.

I will tone down the copy in the guide and make it much clearer this is not a guaranteed option - and sorry it hasn’t come through for you as expected.