Minimum income requirements - Any insights?

Hi PH,

Helping the missus out with a card application for ANZ - her income is $73k.

The FF Black card has a min income requirement of $75k - has 75k in bonus points

Next card (FF Platinum) down has $50k income requirement, with 50k bonus points.

Is it best just to apply for the FF Platinum? I’m unsure if applying for the FF Black could result in a decline, and then a second note on the credit file when going for FF Platinum. Anyone have any insights?

I’ve already had my bonus, so I don’t think I can use my income to boost her app.


They will ask for proof of income, so only put what you can prove.

I was in a very similar position. Salary of 73k, 3k income from other investments. No other debts. Application rejected. I wouldn’t apply for any card with a minimum income less than your salary.