Is it possible to transfer Membership Rewards or Citi Rewards points to a Skywards account in a different name?

I am looking to transfer Amex points (or Citibank rewards if necessary) to my partners Emirates Skywards account. It seems this is possible in the US if the partner is a secondary cardholder, but it appears this isn’t the case in Australia.

Is there anyway to transfer points into a an account held in a partners name?

I’m not familiar with Emirates Skywards, but I do know that as of about 12 months ago, it was possible to transfer Amex MR points between different accounts for a flat fee of about $20-40.  If it’s worth your while, the best thing might be to have your partner open up their own Amex account?  Make sure it’s a card that earns MR points, not airline points/miles.

Interested to hear your experiences with Emirates Skywards.  From what I’ve seen, redemption rates are high, presume you’d in most cases be better off crediting Emirates flights to Qantas, even for future Emirates redemptions.