I can't add flights to my RTW booking. What's wrong with my itinerary?

I’ve booked the following reward flights using Qantas and BA.

  1. MEL - SYD - HKG – 1 transit, Stopover (1)
  2. HKG - LHR – Stopover (2)
  3. MAN - LHR - VEN – 1 transit, Stopover (3)
  4. FRA - LHR - HND – 1 transit, Stopover (4)

I wanted to turn it into a RTW ticket, and have been trying to add NRT - KUL - ADL - MEL – 2 transit, End (using JAL & Malaysian Air), but Qantas have advised that I can’t add any additional flights and my booking ends at HND. Can someone please help me understand why I can’t add any further flights? I’ve been given various reasons (it’s been ticketed, can’t arrive and depart Tokyo from different airports, can’t price the ticket), but none of these seem believable and I’m positive I’m within the ‘rules’ of a RTW ticket once I make the final booking.

Hi there - I am very new to this but Im wondering if re: the rules you are considering the following: * Check you have no more than five stopovers (or breaks) in your trip. If you’re transitting, make sure the connection is shorter than 24 hours.

  • If you’re making your way between two cities through alternative means, be sure to include that distance in your overall calculations. Those ground sectors do count in your distance limit. Eg: where you go from LHR to MAN have you calculated this to ensure it remains under 35,000 miles ?

The number of surface sectors might be the problem. Your current itinerary already have 2 (LHR-MAN and VCE-FRA).

I’d try to see whether you can fly out of HND to avoid the 3rd surface sector. Maybe an extra flight to HKG might open up some options?

Hi there, just wondering what the outcome was of your situation - I feel like I am going through the same thing. Same experience with QF call centre staff.
any tips/advice?

thanks in advance for any help you can give.