Qantas oneworld RTW city stopover and / or transit rule clarification

Qantas RTW allows 1 stopover, 2 transits in any city. Is this 1 stopover OR 2 Transits, or is it 1 stopover AND 2 transits.
Am wanting to stopover in HND and fly Osaka ITM / HND /SYD.
Any thoughts ?

Reads to me as an AND rule/condition according to this article.

  • You can only stopover in each city once and transit through each city twice on one booking.

Source:How to Fly Around the World with Qantas Points

There are a few other rules that also need to be followed:

Maximum of 1 stopover (over 24 hours) & two transits (up to 24 hours) per airport
You cannot have a stopover in your country of origin mid-way through the itinerary (only at the start or end)
Surface sectors are allowed, and count as one stopover, but the distance between the two airports counts towards your total limit. Although there is no published limit, Qantas seems to allow up to 2 surface sectors per itinerary.