HSBC Card skimmed in Thailand - any advice on the best ways to dispute this?

Hi guys! i just got back from Thailand and had my card skimmed.
Have been on the phone for 30mins with HSBC, they are useless. they keep saying because the PIN was used I MUST have been the person to do it.

The guy on the phone had no idea what card skimming was, he was not qualified to handle the case.

Originally they told me the transaction happened at 6pm on the 19th. Then I told them I was on a flight from BKK to Koh Samui at 7.30am. Then they adjusted the time to 3.30am. I also told them in the original claim that something suspicious happened at a Tailor when I used the card, the guy dropped it behind the counter and it was out of line of sight for about 30 seconds.

Does anyone have some advice on disputing this further?
HSBC refuses to listen to me, they 100% insist that Card skimming is make believe and have so far provided fairly poor customer service on the matter.

I keep going around the same thing with their indian support centre where they keep telling me “Sir the the pin was used, did anyone else know the pin? Ok it must be you”

Would love some help here!

I’m sorry to hear about your situation but this site is about points earning and spending not about disputed card transactions.

The only thing I’d say is that if it’s a PIN transaction then that’s almost impossible to dispute.  Banks know which transactions are online, physically by PIN or by signature. By PIN is most secure.



Also you might need to check the fine print of your card because usually banks will not be liable if you disclosed your PIN to someone . Also even if the card was skimmed… the scamner would still need to get your PIN

If your card was skimmed, it’s possible your PIN was covertly observed or recorded.