How to use the $450 travel credit with the Qantas American Express Ultimate Card?

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I’ve received mixed messages from the American Express Travel Service about what the $450 travel credit – which came into use on 1 November – with the Qantas American Express Ultimate Card can be used for. Can someone confirm for me if the credit can be used for ‘The $450 travel credit can be used on Hotels, Flights, Car Hire, Activities Tours or Transfers booked through the American Express Travel Australia website’ as I’ve been told by them in an email, but I’ve also been told in another email ‘In regards to the $450 travel credit this can only be utilised on Qantas flights it can not be used to book hotels on our website.’

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The way I understand it is that for non-Qantas Amex cards, it can be used for anything but for the Qantas Amex cards it is for Qantas flights.

I recently got a Qantas Amex card so I have been reading about it. The credit has to be used in one transaction and if you have other things on the same transaction then it will offset them as well assuming the Qantas flight is cheaper than the 450. I think if you buy tickets for two people then it offsets on the total as well as long as it is one transaction.

This is how I understand it but I haven’t gotten or used mine yet.

Hey Claire,


You can only use the $450 on flights that are QF operated flights. The flight must be booked through the Amex travel website. You’ll notice that on the page it says you have $450 travel credit. Easiest way to book is when you are selecting your flights through Amex make sure you reduce your search to Qantas (QF). You can use it however you like, for instance if you wanted to buy a flight London for $1200 the flight would put you $750 out of pocket. Or another example would be to use the entire thing on a domestic flight.

Hope this helps