How to use points from different rewards programs to redeem a flight?


If I have points with 3 different programs

  • Qantas FF 79000
  • Amex Gateway 105000
  • ANZ rewards 96000

Can I use all the points from each program for one flight if it is an airline that can be used by all these programs. For example Cathay?


For credit card programs, the points are transferable to associated frequent flyer programs.

For frequent flyer programs, it is rare to be able to transfer to another frequent flyer program. I only know of Krisflyer-Velocity.

Unfortunately, Amex gateway doesn’t transfer to Qantas. But Amex gateway and ANZ should be able to transfer to Asia Miles (Cathay Pacific).

That is the beauty of flexible points-> to be able to transfer to the suitable frequent flyer program for the suitable use at a certain point in time.

Okay great thanks, but I guess what I meant  was because Cathay is a Qantas affiliate I thought you could use Qantas points that way, but I understand the rewards programs are different so that wouldn’t work. Thanks for clearing that up