How does the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card signup bonus gets posted?

With regards to the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card.
I’m very much a noob when it comes to all this so please be patient :slight_smile:As I’ve just recently found out about this site and all the helpful tit-bits for amatuers like myself.

I have just applied and been approved one of these cards. To earn the bonus points towards Velocity do I have to link the ANZ card to Velocity? Or do I transfer the ANZ Rewards point to my Velocity account?

I understand the minimum spend side of things to activate the bonus, but not how the points get from using the ANZ card to my Velocity account.

If there’s a post or topic I’ve missed regards to this please just point me in that direction

Many thanks Mat :wink:

Hi Mat,

I’ve just taken advantage of the 80,000 Velocity point offer myself and taken out one of these cards. I think it’s fair to say that, compared to other cards, ANZ makes it unnecessarily complicated.

Once you’ve received and activated the card, you’ll receive an email from ANZ Rewards. The email will contain a unique promo code, along with instructions for going into the ANZ Rewards website and entering the promo code along with your Velocity number.

After that, if everything works the way it should, you’ll receive the points some time after you’ve met the minimum spend (I haven’t met the spend myself yet so I can’t tell you how long that will take).

Yes, this is a ridiculous way to go about things: with other cards you just give your FF number during the application process. ANZ in my opinion makes customers jump through too many hoops.

One more thing: the way I understand it, the 80,000 Velocity points will be deposited straight into your Velocity account. This is different from ANZ Rewards points, which you will also earn from your spending. These will need to be transferred manually in due course.

Hope this helps!


Sixtyeight, thank you and much appreciated :smiley::+1::+1:

I agree, also joined this card before. Very unfriendly process, but at the end you’ll get the points.

Amex Explorer was WAY easier and better service. ANZ made me come to their branch to identify myself and wait in front of their staff to type things that I’ve already typed myself via the application.


Hi Mat

sixtyeight has given a real good response. but since you are a ‘rookie’, make sure to sign up to ANZ Rewards as soon as you receive the card (using the card number). The welcome email sixtyeight mentioned is sent from ANZ rewards and not the ANZ banking side.



I had to go into the branch to activate my card, I assume so they could try and up sell me on bank accounts and loans as I don’t have an anz account.

Was done yesterday so Will let you know how I go when I get a rewards email.

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I had to go in too; the reason they gave was so that they could do a 100-point ID check. I had no objection to them doing that, but the whole thing took almost an hour until someone saw me. To their credit, they apologised profusely for the long wait, and didn’t try to sell me anything. But as I told them at the time, my experience of ANZ as a new customer was not exactly positive!

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ck009, just received card and did as you advised signing up to rewards site straight away.

Email received from rewards didn’t contain promo code, going to branch tomorrow for ID verification. Hopefully receive it after sign-up and activation.

Jeez I hope I haven’t done this arse about!!!:roll_eyes:

Hi rookie

you will receive an email with the subject as “Hi XXXX, welcome on board”. This is the email that has the code and link to enter the velocity FF details. If I remember correctly, you should receive this email in 2-3 days.


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Thanks ck009 :+1::ok_hand:

Hi Rookie,

Did you get the email?

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Hi ck009,

I didn’t get the welcome on board email either. I called ANZ Rewards and they said that I only got this email after meeting the 1.5K spent criteria.

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Jeffwong, yes got it late last night. Came with promo code as ck009 said it would, link from email made it easy to do!

Hi jeffwong92

If you called the ANZ Rewards CS, you should have asked them to update your VFF number in the system manually. They can do that.

Also, you do not have to meet the min spend to receive the ‘Welcome on board’ email.


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