Does anyone have any experiences with Amex' reconsideration process?

Hi all, I recently applied for the AMEX Velocity Platinum card (first AMEX card) - however I was declined after a week. The decline letter cited that it was based on either my credit history from Veda and/or my application (I met their income requirement).

I’m getting a copy of my credit history via Veda now, but the only thing that might’ve been an issue is that I have a business credit card and personal credit card with CBA totalling 30K in limit (mostly unused - working on reducing the limit at the moment).

I’ve read online that it’s possible to call an AMEX number to ask for a review of my application, but I can’t seem to find one specifically for Australia. Does anyone know if there is one?

Hi FF,\r\n\r\nI had this happen also - you have to go via the customer service hotline and they act as the intermediary. I requested a reconsideration and they advised me to call them (the hotline) back in a week’s time