Credit card application denied - is it because I got enough cards already?

So currently I have about 3 credit cards with a combined limit of some $91k, I only owe $3,500 all up and have always paid my balance in full after the interest free period.

I went and applied for the HSBC platinum card for the 60,000 Qantas points and get denied. I followed up with a call and they tell me I don’t meet their criteria; asked for specifics and they couldn’t tell me. I suspect it’s because I got enough cards already?

I intend to apply for as many cards that offer Qantas points as possible but after this denial - I’m thinking twice before applying for another one so quickly. And maybe I should cancel my cards so I can make room for others?

Appreciate any response on this. Thanks.


I would suggest checking your credit score at and

Most financial providers would not disclose why your application is denied.

Good luck.

This site cannot give individual advice but there are a number of factors why you might be denied.

It could include that you made a lot of applications in a short period of time or your total credit may be too high relative to your disposable income

Just remember this application  (not the result) now goes on your credit file. So your tactic of regularly applying for new cards may be working against you. It may be time to consider giving card applications a break.


My understanding is that when making a credit decision, providers will assume the client’s unsecured line of credit is maxed out. So, for example, if they had $100,000 in total limits on credit cards, the lender may consider the client is paying that back at ~3% a month, i.e. deduct $3,000 a month from their income to service this debt.

I personally don’t apply for more credit than I need (i.e. I actively ask for a low limit). I also limit credit applications to half-yearly at the worst, and close unused lines of credit. IMHO getting a discount flight isn’t worth the potentially long term hassle of a poor credit rating in the eyes of lenders.

(These comments are my own and should not be taken as financial advice)