Best ways to earn points on Google Adwords spend (overseas spend)?

I spend somewhere between $10,000 - $20,000 per month on Google Adwords (Google Advertising). It’s charged from Singapore so considered an overseas transaction(but have never been charged an overseas transaction fee in over 6 years) so a great opportunity to build up some points.

I know some legislations have changed of recent and it’s being made harder to get points like this.

Just wondering if anyone else in this community has any recommendations for the best cards to use? Ideally not AMEX directly as their sign on bonuses don’t count if you have another card with them. I know some cards offer a spend $1, get 2 points or more for this type of transaction.

Look forward to any responses and suggestions.

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend a credit card as such because that would constitute giving financial advice, which is not allowed on this website.

I would suggest getting a credit card that does not get charged overseas forex charges but earn points at the same time. There are only a few in the market that does this.

I suggest looking up the Point Hacks Master Credit Card Table. If you can’t find it easily on the website, try googling the term. Otherwise, it should be under community->tools and calculator.

The table is sortable. There should be a column for forex charges. Sort it from high to low and find the ones that still earn points and read up on the credit card details.

Good luck.