Best hotel for Amex or Qantas point redemption in New York City in December?

Hi guys,
My wife and I are looking to travel to New York for 10 days in December 1-10th. As this will be the tail of thanks giving, I was wondering what the best value for money hotel option would be in terms of redeeming with points. I have a bucket load of AMEX points and QANTAS points but am not sure which hotel chain to transfer them out to in order to redeem rooms with the lowest point value. We would ideally like to stay in the heart of New York City.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Steffano,

Try these websites:



then use this Point Hacks calculator to check how much points you need to transfer.

Good luck.

In general, using Qantas or Amex points for hotels will get you poor value.

There are a million and one hotel rooms in NYC, but one suggestion I might make the Intercontinental Barclay has just been renovated and is usually good value on cash, or on IHG points.