Are you eligible for Amex signup offer after obtaining the Westpac Amex card?

I’m an existing Westpac Altitude Black Mastercard holder. I’ve just signed up for the Westpac Altitude Black Amex which should clock me another 40 000 bonus points.
After signing up I note that there is an Amex Qantas Ultimate card deal that gives you 100 000 bonus points provided you are not an existing Amex card holder but there is an exemption for David Jones Amex card holders and bank issued Amex card holders.
Is the Amex Westpac Altitude Black card classed as bank issued? And if so, can I get the further bonus points if I also sign up to the Amex Qantas Ultimate cars?

To my knowledge, the Westpac Altitude AMEX counts as bank-issued so you should be able to take advantage of the offer. If not, there is also the Qantas Premier Platnium also offering 100k points.

I concur. Westpac one doesn’t affect eligibility of Amex issued cards like the QF Ultimate.

djtech and Warren … are you sure? The Westpac Altitude website explicitly says that their Altitude AmEx cards are “issued and serviced by American Express”. That doesn’t stop AmEx treating Westpac cards as “bank issued” for the purposes of bonus points, but it would definitely be something I’d look into before assuming that the Qantas Ultimate bonus points will be coming my way…

Hi @sixtyeight,
As sure as I think I can be
-> I have cancelled all my Amex cards to do the 18mth wait. Before I applied for the Westpac combo, I rang Amex and ask them if applying for this Westpac Amex card would that mean I have to restart the 18mth wait. The agent said no and that it is treated differently.

Hopefully, that is the case as I have applied for the card and gotten the signup bonus.

Update: Asked Amex agent on online chat. He confirmed that I would be eligible for signup bonus after the 18mths waiting period is up from when my last Amex card was cancelled. Westpac Amex card is separate eventhough it is issued by Amex.

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I also checked with the AMEX online chat today and they confirmed I can still receive the sign on bonus for the Qantas Ultimate Amex card even though I have also signed up for the Westpac Altitude Black Amex card.

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Well, I’ve learned something. Thanks Warren and David!

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