ANZ Rewards vs Westpac Altitude Rewards - which program is more useful as backup to Amex Membership Rewards?

Hey guys,

Sorry if this question has been asked a million times before, but I’m keen to hear people’s thoughts on ANZ vs Westpac rewards programs as a back up to AMEX? I’m leaning towards ANZ but would like to hear anyone’s advice/experiences!


I am only a newbie and have no experience of Westpac. However I am pleased with my backup ANZ Rewards Adventure card.

There is no one size fits all answer. Where I started was finding out which rewards programs I wanted to be able to transfer to. Different cards earn points and transfer out at different rates, so some will be more useful to you than others. Once you start to narrow down the options, you can decide on whether you’ll get real value out of the annual fee, and take into account any signup bonus year one. Take your time to learn about your options, as for many of us earning enough points for a reward flight requires years of careful planning and hard spend. You don’t want to get locked into one program and realise later that you are never going to get value from it. Signing up for the beginner email course on this site is also really helpful.

Thanks Mark, good advice. I’ll keep researching. I’ve just finished the beginner email course - was great!