Any experience using Macquarie bank Credit Cards?

Hi, i am new to all this hopefully this hasn’t been asking a thousand times. I’ve read lots of guides I’m just after anyones opinion on Macquarie bank. Their everyday banking boasts of no ATM fees, no account fee’s, no international purchase fees (overseas or online with your Macquarie Debit MasterCard). Their VISA credit cards also have very low minimum credit limit(none/2k/6k) and although they come with a annual fee it seems to get a good credit card they will be at a price. Thank you everyone, I look forward to your replies.

I don’t think we’re allows to “recommend” on this site but I think I’m allowed to say this. I’ve used them twice and twice they’ve changed the rules after I committed.  I won’t be using them again.

I don’t trust any credit card company that can’t even provide a functioning signup process.


Point Hacks is not allowed to recommend on choice of credit cards or give any financial advice. However, we can provide you with the facts to help make decision-making easier. If you have more specific questions on a particular credit card that Point Hacks covers, please ask the question on the relevant article for the particular card.

Good luck.