American Express Platinum Edge - Local Champion capped at 10000 points


Was having a look at my recent transactions on my Platinum edge and it appears as of the middle of May, my Local champion points have stopped being allocated.

Seems AMEX are keeping to their word that 10000 points is the maximum bonus points you can earn.

Has anyone else been able to continue past 10000 points?



Bummer! I’ll update the local champion guide I wrote some time ago to reflect this.\r\nDo you know if the cap is 10k per year or outright?

Hey Keith, the only information I could find was on the app. It states - \r\n\r\nG. Maximum Bonus Points\r\nThere is a maximum limit of 10000 Membership rewards points which can be award to any participant . Once you reach this limit you will stop receiving additional Membership Reward points even if you remain Local Champion.\r\n\r\nIt also says that the game period runs from Monday 4th November 2013 until we end the game (30 days notice will be given).\r\n\r\nNothing about annual limits either, I will keep an eye on it and post here if anything changes. My champion spots were my local Coles and Woolworths so I won’t be changing my spending habits. \r\n\r\nFingers crossed they decide to credit my account at the end of the month

I’d suggest confirming if it’s a total cap or annual with a secure message in your account. It would be an odd idea to add a cap that doesn’t renew as it then stops your engagement completely with the promotion.

Seems American Express is set on limiting our involvement with the Local Champion application to 10000 points. Just got confirmed by AMEX that the cap is for the life of the promotion.

Looks like Ill be discontinuing my use as of right now, don’t want to be the champion if I ain’t going to earn anything for it.