Am I still eligible for the Point Hacks ANZ Rewards Platinum exclusive offer if I made a purchase before turning on auto redemption?


I signed up for the recent Point Hacks ANZ Rewards Platinum card exclusive offer where you get 75k Velocity points if you spend $1,500 within the first three months.

I received my card and then proceeded to call ANZ to activate my card as I didn’t have a CRN number.

They activated the card and then I proceeded to activate my rewards account and turn on auto redemption.

I wasn’t able to activate my ANZ rewards account for some reason. I entered my details on the registration form but it wouldn’t let me access the next page. I tried this on both desktop and mobile.

I went out after this and made a small purchase on the card. After I had time, I called ANZ Rewards and they were able to create an account for me over the phone. I’ve since activated auto redemption for Velocity points.

Am I still eligible for the offer as ANZ’s website states the below:

Take up a new ANZ Rewards Platinum credit card to receive:

75,000 bonus Velocity Frequent Flyer Points
$95 Virgin Australia Travel Credit
30 Velocity Status Credits
$50 credited to your new card

When you switch on and keep on ANZ Rewards Auto-Redemption for Velocity Points and spend $1,500 on eligible purchases within 3 months from approval.

Then below, where it provides instructions on how to turn on auto redemption, it states:

To be eligible for this offer, as soon as you’ve received and activated your new ANZ Rewards Platinum credit card, switch on and keep on ANZ Rewards Auto-Redemption.

My question is that since I made a purchase before turning on the feature, am I now ineligible for the offer?

I’ve been on the phone with ANZ the whole day and they cannot give me a straight answer. It’s very frustrating.

Hi there,

I was hoping there would be others with more specific experience to respond.

If I was in your shoes, I would give up on getting confirmation from ANZ agents.

The way the T&C read, it does sound like you have to switch in auto-redemption straight away.

However, I reckon it was worded in an ambiguous way.

I would just ignore the spend before auto-redemption was turn on and proceed to spend $1500 qualifying spend and hope for the best.

Good luck and let us know how you go.

As it is a Point Hacks offer, please reach out to for enquiries.