Would paying Rental Bond Online be considered qualifying spend for CBA cards?

Hi there, I just recently got the CommBank Ultimate Awards credit card. I need to spend 5k in 3 months. Im moving apartment and need to pay a new bond through the rental bond online. They offer the option to pay by card. Will this count towards my bonus spend?


Hi @andy06duffy

Page 5 of the Commbank Awards Terms & Conditions document gives a long list of transactions that do not count towards the bonus spend. Paying for bond does not appear to be on that list. Have a read of it yourself, but my reading of the T&Cs is that spending towards a rental bond will count towards your bonus spend.

Let us know how you go!

Thanks @sixtyeight, I got awarded for the points matching the value spend for my bond so I assume it will count towards the bonus requirement. Time will tell.

By my own interpretations, if you are earning points for the transactions, the transactions are qualifying spend.

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