Would I qualify for the Amex Platinum Charge signup bonus if I have 2 active Amex cards at the moment?

I have 2 active Amex cards right now and thinking to cancel one. Then after a few months (3 - 6 months) I wish to apply the Amex charge card as it has 100k sign up bonus points.
Has anyone successfully gained sign up points with existing Amex card under the same name? I am just wondering if they enforce this new policy on sign up bonus religiously or not.

Hi arctan,

They have changed the rules and gotten a lot stricter since last year. You must not have held any Amex issued card in the last 18 mths to qualify for signup bonuses.

I have heard and read Amex DJ card is an exception but I have no personal experience to confirm.

So does that mean if I have previously held DJ Amex card and I can still get sign up bonus for the platinum charge card?