Would buying points be classified as an "Eligible Purchase" for credit card minimum spend?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently a bit short on the required points to redeem a Classic Reward Business Class fare to the US, and I was looking in to buying points directly from Qantas using Points Top Up.

I’m also looking at some of the credit card offers to top up my Qantas Frequent Flyer points, which obviously all come with a minimum spend requirement on eligible purchases.

From what I’ve been reading, there’s often a delay between hitting the minimum spend criteria and actually getting the points from that offer. I’m hoping to get the points and the Rewards fare confirmed and booked in ASAP (whilst they’re still available on the dates I want to travel) which is why I’m looking to use the Points Top Up.

What I was wondering is whether the direct purchase of points would be classified as an “Eligible Purchase” for the purposes of reaching that minimum spend cap? Does anyone have any experience with that and whether that would work?

To be absolutely certain you’ll need to read the fine print for your particular credit card, but almost certainly the answer is yes, buying points would be an eligible purchase: you’ll be engaging in a standard transaction, purchasing a product from a business.

Just for your information, purchasing wine from Qantas (look for the bonus point offers) will get the points credited very quickly as well, and it’s probably better value-for-money in that you’ll end up with not only the points, but wine as well!

Thanks for the advice, will definitely make sure I look it over for when I do apply for a card.

I was doing some other sums and realised that all the other expenses for the trip I’m looking to take (accommodation and domestic flights within the US/Canada) would almost definitely make up the minimum spend value, so even if the points top up doesn’t count I’m pretty certain I’d be able to make that threshold.

Regarding the wine. I don’t really drink much, and I’m short off my target redemption by close to 50,000 points so that’s probably waaay too many cases of wine to try and make up that value :slight_smile: