Would a credit card still accrue Qantas points if cancelling credit card mid-cycle?

Am BoM QFF and looking to cancel card mid-statement. I just want to check if i pay balance prior to statement cycle, and close account, the associated points will land in QFF?

(I know alternative is to wait for next statement cycle and close once points landed in QFF).

Hi @wsr1

The points might, or might not, end up in your account if you cancel mid-statement cycle. I wouldn’t risk it; I never cancel credit cards until the points are safely deposited.

You should also know with Bank of Melbourne that if you hold the card until after your birthday, you’ll receive the “Birthday Bonus” of 10% of the points you’ve earned in the previous year (not counting sign-up bonuses).

Thanks sixtyeight! Appreciate that. Especially the Birthday Bonus. Did not know it was a thing and having celebrated my birthday in June, went to look at my BoM statement and sure enough 10k of bonus points there. (I thought it was just a big spend month in June due to overseas travel…;-))