With regards to credit card spend that earns points, does "Excluding Government charges" include semi-government charges?

Am about to apply for a Westpac Black card. In the t&c it only says “Government Charges” are excluded from eligible purchases. Usually these type of conditions also exclude “Semi-Government” charges as well. Would electricity bills count as eligible spend?

Hi @graham

I’ve just had a read of the T&Cs myself and, yes, they say that “government charges” don’t earn points. In some ways what that does and does not include is trial-and-error, but I would say it’s safe to assume that spending with any local, state or federal government organisation will not earn you points. This would include council rates, car licence and registration fees, passport fees, Australia Post, etc.

If your electricity bill is from a retail energy company such as AGL, Energy Australia, Alinta, Red Energy etc, that would count as eligible points-earning spending, as those companies are not owned by the government.

Thanks for such a quick and very helpful reply! Much appreciated. :grinning: