Will you get lounge access as a Qantas Club member on Oneworld Classic Flight Reward economy flights?

If i choose the economy option on the oneworld Classic Flight Reward but have Qantas club, can I still gain access to lounges where I’m not flying on a QF flight? Just thinking of ways to get into lounges without taking the business option! Thanks

Hi mconnon01, Qantas Club access rules remain the same regardless of how you book – so only before QF-marketed flights. With reward seat bookings, usually only QF-operated flights are also QF-marketed so you wouldn’t get lounge access before partner airline flights.


thank you for your help!

In my experience you can. I was flying American Airlines domestic in the USA, and used Qantas Club to access the AA lounge.

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I also was able to enter A.A. lounge….no problems