Will there likely be another NAB to Krisflyer transfer bonus in the near future?

Hi all… I transferred a bunch of NAB points to krisflyer a couple of years ago. A week later they had bonus of 15% on redemptions meaning I missed out on 150,000 bonus krisflyer points.
From memory this was in October 2021 and haven’t seen another krisflyer bonus since.
Im about to make a similar transfer but just thought I’d ask if anyone has thoughts or knowledge if krisflyer plan to do this again? My gut says that the previous bonus was a one-off Covid bonus and there won’t be another. But, I love to know your thought?

Unlikely to appear again to be honest. Likely a pandemic measure. Demand for Krisflyer points is high right now, and indirectly we are seeing the effects of that in the recent devaluation for AMEX transfers. Clearly points acquisition for the credit card companies are increasing, so there wouldn’t be incentive for KrisFlyer to make bonuses happen.

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Thanks for that! It’s kind of what I thought so nice to hear you think the same.
I’ve just transferred the points… now the waiting game hoping the 4 flights to Europe and back don’t disappear before they hit my account.
Thanks again.

I vaguely recall reading earlier this month (Nov 2023) that there is a bonus point transfer to Krisflyer. Sorry can’t provide any other details

There is a Velocity transfer bonus running at the moment. One could potentially get more Krisflyer miles by transferring via Velocity.