Will the Amex Explorer 100k points signup bonus points be offered again later this year?

Can anyone recollect when the AmEx Explorer card had the 100K bonus points offer last year. I cannot decide if I should go for the present 75K offer or wait for the 100K offer (if its going to come out by end of year). There was a 100K bonus points offer sometime around Sep-Oct in 2017.

Should I wait or go for the 75K offer. I am in no hurry but would like apply for the card by end of this year. Thanks in advance.

The 75k offer expires on Sept 26. My guess is that they won’t have another bonus point offer until at least a month or two after that. And it’s reasonable to suspect that that end-of-year bonus point offer will be a 100k offer. But this is, of course, entirely speculative.

You have to factor in three things:

  1. The above speculation may be wrong.
  2. An extra 25,000 MR points equates to 18750 FF points -- not insignificant, but not a massive amount either.
  3. If you get a new card now, you'll be able to start spending (and therefore earning MR points) now. So you'll have the opportunity to make up some, at least, of those 25000 extra MR points.
If it were me? I'd wait, especially if you're in no hurry. But it's a gamble.