Will requesting a replacement card get you a Citi Prestige card with the new design?

Anyone know if requesting a replacement of my Prestige card would trigger a re-issue under the new card design as indicated here? https://www.citibank.com.au/CardsOnline/Prestige.htm?cid=AF-Optimise-PresBP-CC082018&Code=61N8ZZZG

Hi jreic,

Just speaking out of experience with the Amex Platinum Charge card (when they changed to metal cards a few months ago). This may be different from your Citi Prestige experience.

There was an option to ring up or request a new card via the website. I got the new card, which came with a new card number. The old card seemed to still work to my surprise. If it doesn’t then you might have to update direct debits that were setup with your card.

One idea if you don’t mind having a new card number is to ring up and ask for a replacement card as your current card looks quite tired from overuse.

New design looks flash.