Will my Amex Travel Insurance cover me for for Domestic Train Travel?


Longtime lurker. First time question-asker. I’m travelling on The Overland from Adelaide to Melbourne in a few weeks. Yet to book my ticket. Will use my Platinum Velocity. The included travel insurance - will this cover me for the trip? How does Amex define domestic travel - does it have to include a train, bus, plane, or boat trip? I’ve been struggling to get a clear answer from the Ts and Cs.

Thanks in advance. Apologies if this is a daft question.

Cheers, Paul

Great question Paul… can’t answer this really so would suggest giving Amex a quick call and ensuring you are covered. Report back with an answer if you can!

Paul - as Keith said, give Amex a call.\r\n\r\nI recently went on a cruise with my wife, and relied on the travel insurance through my Citi Sig. I actually spent about 45 minutes on the phone with the underwriter (Zurich I think?) making 100% sure I was covered for all parts of journey, and they were very helpful. I can only image Amex would be the same if not better!