Will I get credit card Issued Qantas lounge Invitations if booking through travel agent instead of directly with Qantas?

Hi Everyone,

I’m in the process of organizing with a travel agent Qantas flights to Europe early next year. I usually book flights myself but I’m doing an open-jaw ticket which always seems to be easier though an agent.
I was excited that if I register before purchase I’ll get two lounge invitations pre-flight compliments of Westpac (we are flying premium which doesn’t include the lounge).
I’ve discovered though that these passes only appear to be valid if you purchase the flights direct with Qantas.

Does anyone think this is worth following up with Qantas on this since I will be using the credit card to purchase the Qantas flights? Has anyone run into this issue before?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

I have the same issue as you. I was told by the altitude rewards team to “unlock” the Qantas passes, you need to make a $1 minimum purchase with Qantas. They suggested I go to the Qantas store and buy luggage etc. well, I did that and called them 6 weeks later only to be told that purchase doesn’t qualify for the passes.

Getting to your question, you have to make the purchase directly with Qantas. You have to either make a QF ticket purchase or purchase Qantas club membership.

One thing that may qualify is using your westpac card to pay for taxes if redeeming a flight reward with Qantas.

I travel a lot with Qantas and my company pays for my flights which still means I cannot unlock these passes as well on my westpac card.

You can perhaps call Qantas direct and see if they are willing to price match what the travel agent is offering you.

I just applied for a Qantas Amex Ultimate Card as they are now offering the best points per dollar spend, and cancelled immediately due to making a purchase directly with Qantas to unlock the free domestic return flight benefit.

Hope this helps ?


Thanks for the reply. I actually called Westpac since I posted that question. They told me if I register first and make a Qantas purchase (flight, credit voucher etc) it will unlock a lounge pass. I asked about purchasing accommodation through Qantas and apparently that won’t work. I’m going to book a domestic ticket in the next few months so I’ll register then and try to get my passes for my international trip next year that way.