Will I be eligible for the Bank of Melbourne card 90k point offer?

Hi, I am a St George customer and was a supplementary card holder for the St George amplify credit card which was cancelled 8 months ago. My Wife was the main card holder. I just applied for the Bank of Melbourne amplify card in my own name. Will I be eligible for the 90k point bonus?

If you read the T&C, you would not be eligible. But there has been some reports of some others that got lucky. Good luck.

Edited: Apologies. I thought you were asking about eligibility as an existing St George primary cardholder. A supp cardholder is perfectly eligible.

Yes, you should be eligible for this promotion. Supplementary card holders are not the same as account holders. Since the previous card was your wife’s account, this makes you a ‘new’ customer with regard to this application.

Give it another 4 months and your wife will be eligible again, too.