Will flights added over the phone turn my booking into RTW?

I’m traveling to and around Europe in late August and want to book a RTW ticket in business class with my Qantas points. Despite not booking very far in advance, I’ve been fortunate enough to find flights and my itinerary fits all the rules. However, because the multi-city tool on the Qantas website is limited to six legs, I could only book half the flights and they didn’t add up to the 318,000 point cap (it was something like 275,000 points).
When I called up to try and add the remaining flights the person I spoke to didn’t really know how to add flights but after persisting with them for an hour she seemed to sort of figure it out. I say sort of because she said there wasn’t any availability on those flights so I didn’t end up having those additional flights added.
Since then I have found some alternative flights and will try calling up again. But what I’m worried about is: if I manage to get those extra flights added over the phone, will it still turn into a RTW itinerary and thus the cost cap at 318,000 points (plus taxes)? Or will the system not be able to handle that?

If you stay within the Qantas oneworld RTW rules, it should stay capped to 318,000 Qantas points. That’s the theory.

Update: I managed to add the extra flights over the phone and it did cap at the 318,000 points. It was a big relief!