Will card providers offer you the signup bonus difference if the signup bonus offer increased after the application?

I have recently open both the AMEX Explorer and ANZ Adventure card in November 2018 and received their bonuses (50000 AMEX rewards and 40000 velocity points respectively) with each card required $3000 min spend.

Both cards have in December increased their offers to 100000 AMEX rewards and 80000 velocity points, respectively, with a reduced $1500 spend requirement.

Do you have any experience in requesting the banks to offer these new bonuses? Seems unfair that had I waited 4 weeks longer I will have received double the benefit.


Zero Chance.  Part of the reason why companies vary their promotions like this, is to be able to measure the success of each one. They are not going to compromise their data by intervening.

You saw a deal and you signed up when you wanted it, agreeing to those terms.   Everyone experiences ‘lower prices’ after they have bought something from time to time,  just have to grin and bear it (and stop looking back)




I don’t have any experience with these scenarios, but I would personally ask them to cancel my cards and throwing some blame that no one advised you to wait for the better promotion.