Why is it do difficult to get approved?

I love this site and am always on the lookout for the best deals - but I have considerable difficulty getting approved! I always initially get rejected and then have to go through hoops of burning fire to eventually get approved.

My credit rating is “ Excellent”
I have no debts
I always pay off my credit card balance in full every month
I own my own home outright, plus 2 investment properties outright
I have considerable cash deposits due to the sale of my company, far too much to spend in my lifetime
I have a self managed super and private pension
I have very low outgoings because I am essentially frugal

Maybe its just that I am retired, mainly because I had enough money to enjoy a long and happy retirement without the inconvenience of working!

Or maybe I just fall outside the automatic criteria that credit card companies use to assess my risk?

I would love some inside information as to the reasons.

My last application was approved after I opened an account with the bank in question with a $1,000,000 deposit!

my business was in risk assessment, but I cannot fathom why I could possibly be considered a high ridk unless I don’t meet the normal norms.

This is all my guesswork of course:

Typical credit card application algorithms are built for your typical salarymen/women/person as they make up the majority of the population. Unfortunately, if you do not draw a consistent periodic salary/income stream, your circumstances will probably be too complicated for the said algorithm. It will flag your case as requiring a human to assess.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s just easier for them to automate the rejection.

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