Why is it advisable to transfer Amex points to Velocity points by default?

I am one of the ones who are going to be hit with the upcoming amex membership changes.

I have read the very informative post around the upcoming changes and it has a default position to move the points to Virgin as a takeaway.

I am looking at trying to execute upon moving to either Virgin or QFF to use for flight rewards, and was wondering why the default of Virgin? I have found that the QFF booking is easier to collate and understand the flights available - especially if heading to EU.

I appreciate QFF is slightly more expensive, but is that the only reason why to use Velocity as the provider?

thanks in advance.


What you have to understand is that probably 95% of AmEx cardholders don’t have the option of transferring to Qantas. Only the Platinum (annual fee $1200-$1450) and Centurion (annual fee $5000-ish) cardholders are able to transfer to Qantas. The vast majority of AmEx cardholders have a much cheaper card or cards than that. So the “very informative post” you’re talking about seems to be making the pretty reasonable assumption that almost all of its readers won’t be able to transfer to Qantas anyway. If you are able to transfer to Qantas and that works for you, go for it.

It’s interesting that you’ve read a post where the default recommendation is Velocity. I’d be interested to see it. Most of what I’ve read suggests either KrisFlyer or Asia Miles, with Velocity as the best option only to those who won’t be able to use their points within the 3-year expiry date of KF or AM.

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