Why is Amex limiting points earned on Explorer card when it's supposed to be unrestricted?

Hey, my scenario is I have a 10k limit, I’ve recently bought a car (30k) and am paying in full using amex over the course of every few days.

Just found out after paying about 19k that they have ‘frozen’ my card from making large payments to the dealership because I hit my monthly limit…so what they’re saying is we can earn unlimited points BUT it is capped by my monthly limit? Shouldn’t I be able to continue earning points regardless of how large my purchases are as long as I don’t go over the limit?

Ring again and talk to someone else or did the points come through?

Are you paying the card off and then making the next payment?

So you’re never going over your limit?

Do this and you’ll get points for everything.

It’s what I do too