Why I don't see an increase to annual points purchase limit on my SPG account?

Greeting Point Hacks team

Followed instructions in PH guide “SPG ups the maximum amount of Starpoints available at lowest price: get an extra 10,000 Starpoints” .

Did this prior to updated promotion of extra 10k point availability. Purchased 30K points for self and 30k each two family members with intention of transferring to my account.

Attempted to purchase extra 10k points online. Received error message:
“Sorry, you’ve reached your purchase limit
Purchasing Starpoints is not available at this time
You have 30,000 Starpoints in your account.”

Called SPG to ask how to purchase additional 10K points, was advised they knew nothing about the promotion and 30k was the annual max purchase per account.

Anyone else run into this problem?

Thank you for your time and help,

I assumed it may be targeted or simply inaccurate information obtained from another source

Hi Gidget,

I see an update on the PH article.

“Update: it seems that you if you want to buy the maximum, you may have to purchase 30,000 Starpoints in one transaction and then the extra 10,000 in a separate transaction, and you may have to wait a couple of days between the two.”