Why don't Point Hacks consider offering credit card consulting services?

Great website

I’m wondering though, you guys have a world of experience and expertise, why not “sell” that? I would consider a small fee as a consultation for you to provide me with the best options given my spending habits, much like my financial advisor. He sees my spending, my income, etc and gives me options for moving forward with investing etc

I could provide you with income, monthly grocery/telco/utility/overseas spend; regions/countries most frequently travelled to/frequency of travel annually both domestic and international and you could provide me with options for the best credit cards, points plans and points earning strategy

You wouldn’t be providing financial advice more than what is included on your website. But as a time poor professional who also wants to maximise his points earning potential, it could be hugely beneficial to me to save the time sorting all that out. A lot of friends in the same profession as me (long hours, minimal flexibility with schedule) say the same about earning points “too complicated, I don’t have time to sort it out”

Just an idea :slight_smile:

Great idea mathiar86

I can definitely see value in this as well. I’m going to pull it into our thinking around our roadmap for new products and services.


The only hiccup I see is, what works today might not tomorrow.

Just when I settle on a strategy for earning a large number of points, it gets shutdown or the rules change.

I again have to apply for new cards, close others etc