Why do Macquarie bank consistently decline applications for credit cards?

I’ve been collecting points for nearly two years now, and most cards I have been approved for with no problem. However whenever I apply for any card issued through Macquarie bank I am always automatically declined. Any one got ideas on what may be happening here?

It suggests that macquarie has stricter criteria but no card provider will tell you precisely .  have you checked your credit record ? it may be impacted but lots of card applications in a short period of time .

Lastly, each application successful or not goes to your credit record. if you have been declined 2 or more from Macquarie , I suggest you stop applying with them


Hi Tom,

Since you have mentioned plenty of sign up bonuses, I would suggest checking your credit score if you haven’t already been doing it.

creditsavvy.com.au (Experian)

getcreditscore.com.au (Veda-more popular)

Some credit providers have stricter criteria too and you won’t get a reason if you ask them why they decline you.

Good luck

Hi Guys

Thanks for your responses.

I do regularly check both my credit score and credit report, and of course both reflect the large number sign up bonuses I have received.

I realise lenders won’t disclose information about their criteria, and even though unlikely, was hoping someone may have some detailed information on why the particular bank in question would decline after success with most other major lenders.

Thanks for your time



Macquarie, anecdotally, do have strict approval criteria for some reason. Many people have commented on this over the last few years, and I don’t have any insights as to why this is - just that I doubt you are alone in being declined without understanding why (myself included).

Lucky escape, if you ask me.   Have had multiple bad experiences with them over the years. (Not just card declines)