Why can't I see the flights shown with the low point costs on the Qantas banner?

Can someone shed some light please.
When searching for a business class reward on qantas website I get an availability for 159,000 one way on the top banner however when I click on it I don’t seem to find the flight but only flights with a price tag of over 1M points???

Hi there,

It’s a two-fold issue here.

First click on the “reward only” filter.

Second, it will likely show no flights available.

The obscene number of points shown on your screenshot is for point + pay (not reward seat), which converts the cash fare directly to Qantas points at a very bad conversion rate (high cash fare translate to high point costs).

Some additional discussion on the not very useful banner here. Why does the Qantas website show point costs but there are no available flights?