Why does the Qantas website show point costs but there are no available flights?

Hello, Just wondering if anyone knows why the Qantas website comes up with apparently flights available according to the points it displays on certain days eg 159,000 or 177,400 plus some dollars but there are no flights in the list below?

Some screenshots might help us understand what the problem is.

Thanks for the reply w.hiew. I have tried uploading screen shots but they won’t upload (after 3/4 of an hour) Searching in ‘Where can I go’ for Business from Sydney lots of flight dates come up. Business points up the top associated with the dates are appropriate ie 159,000 but then there are no flights in the list. This is typical whether you search in the usual screen ie from Syd to London on a certain date. Sometimes the Business points with dates come up and there are no flights and sometimes when the Where can I go screen says there are flights not even the points up the top come up. I hope this makes sense. Regards, Ian

This is happening to me a fair bit too. Looking at getting from Melbourne to somewhere in Europe - which seems impossible, but here is an example. The slider at the top has the points redemption but when selecting that date there are no available reward seats.

Your second screen shot is exactly what happens every time to me as well Sebastian. The points up the top in my case are for Business and are the appropriate points but no flights ever show up.

Had a quick check. It seems that the normal flexible dates view is very buggy and show’s there is seats when there really isn’t. I encountered much the same screen as you all. However, the legacy calendar view seems to work (mostly) fine. You can access that view by using the multi-city booking tool and entering origin and destination and checking the ‘flexible dates’ checkbox in selecting the dates. That will bring you to the below calendar view which is IMO much more helpful.

However, for some dates, it still ‘kicks you out’ and despite showing there are seats, upon clicking on the date, there is not. This is at least a less frustrating way of knowing and you can easily navigate to the dates that suit you. Another solution to address this is to use another website to check availability first. I quite like aa.com (American’s website) as it gives you a calendar view when searching as well and you don’t need an account to use it.

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Thanks for the suggestion and help djtech. The legacy calendar is far better to work with as it tells you what level of seating is available unlike the new calendar. Further to you advice using Safari still took me to the new calendar but when I tried in Brave I was able to access the legacy calendar.